We are looking for teams with unique perspectives on blockchain adoption and strong understanding of their respective fields.

What the program will look like

#Chain Accelerator Batch 0 will run from August 1 to October 31. Teams will be participating remotely, and we will secure spaces for companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, and San Francisco who choose to work together physically.

True to our decentralized philosophy, the program will conclude with an online demo day where teams will dial in for a live video pitch. The demo day will showcase the projects’ progress for the past 3 months, and give a glimpse of how they will continue growing the project in the next year. We call this the Crowd Pitch — users, partners, companies and agencies are all welcome to listen and give feedback. The recorded video pitches will be made available to everyone who attended.

More about who we are

Spencer Yang is the founding partner of Hashtag Chain Accelerator (hashtagchain.com). He spent 6 months building an early stage cryptocurrency wallet startup in Beijing with the founder of f2pool, the world’s largest cryptocurrency mining pool. He has invested in multiple cryptocurrency projects and advises companies such as CryptoKitties and CoinMarketCap on growth in Asia. He previously co-founded KeyReply, an AI chat automation company (acquired) that was part of the AngelPad (#1 accelerator ranked by MIT) and Blue Startups accelerator programs, greatly benefitting from the mentorship and advice that these accelerators provided. 

Advisors and mentors that will be working closely with the #Chain Batch 0 companies are leading influencers, investors and founders in Asia (Greater China, South East Asia, Korea, Japan) and the US.