Expand blockchain utility globally

#Chain Accelerator

Expand blockchain utility globally


At #Chain Blockchain Accelerator we work with companies who are building the foundational infrastructure, tools and applications for greater adoption, and innovative use cases, that no one has yet dreamt of. 

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We are open for applications for Batch 0

A few teams have already committed to joining us from around the world, including those from Singapore, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Europe, Africa and more. Some of these companies are early stage, while some have already done significant development and community building. The key criteria we are looking for are teams with unique perspectives on blockchain adoption and strong understanding of their respective fields.

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What you will get out of the experience


Advisors and networks — We have deep networks in the US, China and Southeast Asia, spanning founders, investors and advisors. The list will be carefully curated such that all of them will add unique value to the #Chain teams and ecosystem.


Product-market fit — The accelerator is run by people who have built and sold their own startups. Especially for blockchain utility, finding product-market fit is paramount, as the complexities confound the user experience, making it harder to find the fit that you need. By working together, we will get you even closer to building what people want and love.


Camaraderie — Developing blockchain protocols and applications is hard. The companies in our batch will be hands-on in supporting each other, 24/7. Beyond online channels for communicating growth and setbacks with each other, we will host dinners, drinks and group hangouts around the globe to foster bonding and sharing of valuable experience.



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